Those That Look The Other Way

There are a multitude of so-called professionals out there that have failed to safeguard children who are involved in family court proceedings.

These failings on the part of these so-called professionals could be due to a lack of professional curiosity, a lack of care or compassion, a biased approach, a choice to look the other way or tragically all of the above.

Whatever excuses these so-called professionals make, they are ultimately complicit in the abuse of these unprotected children. These professionals can and should be doing more to protect our children.

An incalculable number of children are being left unprotected due to an outdated and biased family justice system. And at the core of this system are professionals that appear to simply not care.

This is simply not good enough.

If you are aware of a professional or a service that you would like to ‘out’ due to their incompetent, uncaring, negligent professional conduct that has led to children remaining in harm’s way, please see here for further details.

We aim to start compiling a comprehensive a list of services, organisations and individuals that there is clear and apparent evidence of simply looking the other way allowing and children to remain in harm’s way.

The intention is not to demonise anyone. The intention is not to threaten anyone. The intention is to bring to the attention of the wider public attention that out children are being failed by an incompetent, outdated and flawed family justice system. As stated above me a page with more deails.