Cafcass, “No Shit Sherlock!”

On the 27th November 2017, Cafcass CEO Anthony Douglas published a post on the Cafcass blog entitled Alienation Rarely Exists in Isolation. In the interests of challenging authority I would like to rip this post of Douglas' apart to show how incompetent, ineffective and unaccountable both he and his organisation are. Lets be honest it does … Continue reading Cafcass, “No Shit Sherlock!”

Thomas Hobbes and the State of Nature

Back in the 17th Century, an English philosopher called Thomas Hobbes penned a tome called ‘Leviathan.’ A Leviathan is a mythical creature, made up of many smaller, less powerful creatures which, when combined, become this mighty ‘Leviathan’. Hobbes thought that, when man first dropped out of the trees, he would have been living in what Hobbes called the ‘State of … Continue reading Thomas Hobbes and the State of Nature