My name is Addam Gabi-Stone. I am an alienated parent. Parental alienation is child abuse. Parental alienation ruins lives. I intend to ‘out’ so-called professionals who are complicit in this form of child abuse.

My intention is not to ruin careers. Nor is it my intention to demonise these professionals.

I have been an alienated parent for more than three children. My children’s other parent initially denied me contact to our children during our separation. The other parent also made false allegations against me, which were deemed unsubstantiated.

The children’s other parent has since talked about me in such a toxic manner in front the our children that they now ally themselves with their mother and openly state that they want no further contact with me.

The other parent has breached numerous court orders for contact and therapeutic intervention between the children and I. However the other parent has received no legal penalties in  relation to this ongoing contempt of court.

Cafcass have indeed identified my case as being one of parental alienation. However they unashamedly chose to disregard the guidance of their very own CEO, Anthony Douglas. Since February 2017 Douglas has been publicly stating that “divorced parents who pit children against former partners [are] guilty of abuse.”

So ultimately we have a family justice here in the UK that continues to fail to protect children who are active to family court procedures.

Here are just a few alarming statistics that clearly inform us that the current family justice system is failing to provide a legal duty of care to children:

  • 96% of all child arrangements order applications are made by fathers (University of Warwick, UK).
  • 97% of residencies are given to mothers (University of East Anglia, UK).
  • 50% of court orders are broken (University of East Anglia, UK).
  • Just 1.2% of applications for enforcement of court orders are successful (Ministry of Justice, UK).

I have looked at the way in which numerous groups attempt to fight for reform of the family justice. I have the utmost respect for all such individuals that fight tirelessly for reform.

However I am trying a different way. See here for full details.