‘Parental Alienation’ – Who Benefits?

Expert Witnesses, Courts, Lawyers, Therapists and Coaches

There is evidence to suggest that the people who profited most from the California Gold Rush were the guys who sold the equipment, and provided goods and services to the miners…not the miners themselves.

I believe the same can be said of the ‘Parental Alienation’ trade.

As with the Gold Rush it is interesting to consider exactly who is making the money in the family courts. In any good detective movie, if you wanna find the bad guy, the rule is: ‘follow the money’.

So, what do we find when we do this?

The State

Well, the courts (the State) are now making a profit from court fees. Originally, the idea was to charge only the actual cost of the process (the judge’s wages, the clerks wages, rent, heat, etc) but now the Government makes a profit from the misery of brainwashed and abused children.

So, the State is quids in.

Expert witnesses charge between £5,000 and £10,000 for a report, some more. There are not many expert witnesses, and lots of alienated parents, so, by the law of supply and demand, those fees are not going to be coming down anytime soon. Some like to take just the easy cases – that is, those cases where the alienating parent is just ignorant or thoughtless, rather than toxic, narcissistic. These parents can be ‘educated’ not to alienate (cha ching!). Then, the ‘expert’ can re-unite the parents (more fees!) with the children and scoop up all that lovely glory. And cash…

Solicitors charge anywhere between £150 and £250 per hour – outside London that is. They’ve done nicely, too. Many parents find that they have spent £5,000 – £10,000 on solicitors, usually with little or nothing to show for it. Many more have spent more than £20,000 and there are certainly instances of much, much, much higher fees than this. And still we don’t get out children back. We are simply feeding ‘the machine’.

It’s a great scam, and we are the ‘marks’.

Barristers charge on a ‘job’ basis rather than an hourly rate. Fees vary widely, but a reasonably senior barrister who appears for you for a half-day hearing will be charging perhaps £3,000 or more. And that ignores additional fees charged for conferences, written advice and so on. It’s easy to see how fees mount up. Whilst some barristers will accept ‘direct access’ work, where you can go to them without going through a solicitor first, many do not, so you pay for the solicitor and the barrister. It’s a bit like calling for a taxi and having to pay not only the taxi driver, but for a navigator sitting beside him! Surely we can expect our taxi drivers to know the way, right? Apparently not.

There is no Legal Aid. So, the State is quids in, again! We pay the lawyers now, not the State.

Strange, isn’t it, how, State funding or not, the problems have continued!

The lawyers still win, it’s just the client that’s changed.

More Parasites – As if this weren’t enough, there is now a new and burgeoning industry feeding off our misery. ‘Coaches’ and therapists that charge outrageous fees, with promises to reunite us with our kids, knowing that we mugs will pay them. We are desperate to see our kids, and they know it. The cynicism is breathtaking. Take a look around the web. There are lots of people promising to help you reunite with your kids. But, at the end, there’s usually a book deal, a video/DVD course, a reuniting course, or the offer of telephone/Skype conferences at hundreds of pounds per hour…


As with all big claims, such as we have made, there are counterexamples.

Witness, for instance Frances Wiley QC and Ms Gillman (Christian name not mentioned), who appeared in PA vs CK and others on a pro bono basis (no fee charged).

The case was not a success, but due, we are sure, to a weak judge, not the quality of the advocacy. Frances Wiley is an expert lawyer. We can see how this case follows the normal pattern of judges making feeble orders, not following through, not punishing false allegations, and rewarding an abusive alienator – ‘hoping’ that the alienator’s behaviour will improve (but not making an order or punishing the alienator in any way) and these judges are then somehow surprised when their behaviour does not improve.

Are some groups right to say that judges are weak, cowardly and unenlightened, or is there something else going on here? What is it? And what do we do about it?

It’s so prevalent, so predictable, it’s genuinely depressing. Our courts have become a laughing stock. Alienators know that they simply have to make a few false allegations, ignore the process, and sit back and watch Lady Justice saunter her way to the inevitable conclusion – the child becomes so alienated, because so much time has passed (10 years is not uncommon) that the Court of Appeal simply gives up, noting, eventually, that leaving the court is yet another ‘tearful and wholly-deserving father’. This has become a stock phrase.

Also, so far as experts are concerned, we want to give a big thumbs up to Dr Craig Childress, in America. He is a genuine expert diagnostician, and properly motivated by his fervent desire to put an end to this nonsense. We are not ‘Childress-philes’ and we have no affiliation with him or any other expert. He just seems like a good guy.

Now, no one is not suggesting that everyone works for nothing as the noble Miss Wiley did. People have to earn a living, and pro-bono work can be undertaken only now and then (well, if you want to pay the mortgage). Some of the people involved in this arena are properly motivated .Occasionally a barrister will work for nothing. But we don’t know of any expert, therapist or coach who has done this, or a solicitor that has worked pro bono or for a reduced hourly rate. If you do, let us know and we will give them a shout-out. Of course people have to charge fees, but that much?!

In the absence of pro bono work, reduced hourly rates and court fees, and/or Legal Aid, getting our kids out of the hands of narcissistic abusive alienators is simply going to continue to be a rich man’s game.

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